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Sounder Compositions

The following are Sounder pieces you can either listen to right now, or download for the future. To listen to a piece right now, you will want to read about how to configure your Web browser to use Sounder as a helper application. To download it, hold down the shift key while clicking on the link, then tell your browser to download the file into your \sounder directory.

Artist Title Comment Size
J. K. Keck Blue Bottle   855 bytes
Dave Michuda First   916 bytes
John Reed Dark Moor Just in time for Halloween 774 bytes
Dan Wisely 70200   56061 bytes
Tony Simicich Kotomojo   1273 bytes
Tony Simicich Spooky "Spooky" is,well, spooky, using sharps and notes not complimentary to the bass window, which sounds pretty harmonious when played alone. 1003 bytes
Jack Freudenheim Meditate   989 bytes
Jack Freudenheim Serene   994 bytes
Jack Freudenheim Trio   711 bytes

Submit your own compositions!

If you own the full version of Sounder and would like to contribute your own compositions, submit them as email attachments to us and we will be happy to consider posting them here.


Note that if your video mode is not higher than 256 colors, the palette of some soundimations may not work well together, and you may experience strange "color shifts" in some Soundimations. Try shifting to a higher color resolution in your Windows setup.

Marble Marble 1, by Christopher Masciocchi (16 frames, 0 frames per note)

Eyeball Eyeball, by Christopher Masciocchi (13 frames, 0 frames per note) 


There are many web sites that provide gorgeously rendered images for use as backgrounds for web pages. You can use these as backgrounds for Sounder windows as well!