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Video: Up and Running in 3 minutes

How they like it

  • Creating random atmospheres of sound used to be a chore, especially when trying to 'evolve' the patterns over time. But Sounder lets me quickly and easily create different instruments, notes, octaves, and velocities across all 16 MIDI channels. Then I can change these characterisitcs in real time. It is an elegantly simple solution to what used to be a frustrating task. Thanks for making music fun again!

  • I like to fire up Sounder on days where nothing is working right. I find the randomness theraputic.
  • I've downloaded, bought and own many music programs and yours is, especially for the price, one of the best. Personally I think you've got a winner on your hands and I hope you make a fortune off of it.

Ways they've used it

  • I simply started with four windows in Sounder each assigned to play three notes, but in two full octaves. One channel was beamed out to an ASR-10 playing a minstrel harp sample, and the others went out to an MR-Rack playing a synth pad, grand piano and electric Rhodes piano. The synth pad played one note only across two octaves, and the other instruments had their Sounder notes reassigned in real time to shift from a minor to a major key. Twelve minutes long. Recorded live to PARIS on the same machine.

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