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Video: Up and Running in 3 minutes

Sounder is a Windows program that lets you create, save and exchange animated, 3-D interactive ambient musical pieces that play perpetually. NOTE: Please note that this software does not run on 64-bit Windows.

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Rolling Stone magazine: "A true original in the music-creation space... The result is usually something that resembles an ambient, abstract composition by the likes of Brian Eno or Aphex Twin - Sounder is half desktop diversion, half genius ambient-music generator."

Recent reviews

"Hypnotic - I was instantly transported!"


"Ten minutes after starting up Sounder, you'll be on another plane."


"Brian Eno would be jealous!"

User raves

  • "This is probably the best piece of composition software I have ever used. Only an hour after downloading and installing Sounder, I found myself conducting an 'orchestra' of ambient bliss the would make even Richard James (Aphex Twin) put down the soldering iron and buy a PC."

  • "Sounder is a select part of a new generation of music software for ambient/techno/new age music."

  • "I want to thank you for this killer program. It plays almost constantly on my pc...even while I sleep!"

  • "I've downloaded, bought and own many music programs and yours is, especially for the price, one of the best!"

  • More...

Sounder's ground-breaking concept and user interface won it an award in the New Voices, New Visions competition sponsored by TheVoyager Company, Paul Allen's Interval Research, and Wired Magazine. Over a year in the making, and after testing by thousands of beta testers from over 50 countries, the new version of Sounder is now available to the general public in a demo form for free downloading.

The software is available in two forms: 1) a free downloadable demo version, that will play Sounder pieces and let you create new ones, but will not let you save the music you've created, and 2) a full retail version that lets you save your compositions.

Last modified Nov 2, 2013